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What Our Clients Say

Tim Wolf was absolutely key in building my course to match the mental-emotional (spiritual) journey that the client goes through. He’s been technical support for tons of big name multi-millionaire course producers, so after seeing tons of people go through courses (or not finish them)  he’s got a keen sense of what people need to get the greatest results from a transformational journey… Instead of being just a course that they get through 2 modules of and never login again. His help was so key to actually define the subtle milestones a person goes through and how to organize the precise amount of information to deliver, and at what time (instead of overloading) His combination is so powerful since he truly understands the spiritual journey, while also being a wizard at the tech.”

~ Sebastian Cruze

Decode Your Genius

Tim is truly such a genius at being able to pull things down from the heavens and put them in reality. Tim is the best I think I know on the planet at being able to create a beautiful vision on earth.

It’s one thing to have a vision but Tim is incredible at actually being able to bring it down to earth and be a true visionary himself at seeing what you want for your brand and being able to truly understand how to get your work out to people.”

~ Matthew Cooke

Body-Based Breakthrough

Tim Wolf is truly a master at his craft. He manages to synthesize so many different perspectives and processes and distills them all down to concepts that are super easy to understand. He’s professional and also just a cool guy. Working with him gave me a deeper understanding of my own business, my clients, my foundation, and ultimately my path forward. He quickly grasped the big picture of what I’m creating and reverse-engineered the steps I needed to take to get to that creation and outcome. 10/10 would work with him again–I plan to! He is excellent.”

~ Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra Vitale School of Divination