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Consultant Teacher Workshop Leader Coach to
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Lead Your Market and Impact People’s Lives At Scale by Building Your Unique Software Product Around Your Expertise

Design Your Read Rio MVPREAL

Build Your Product

Design Your Read Rio MVPREAL

You want to build and teach something that will outlive you.

You’ve been crushing it with your clients 1-on-1…

Maybe you’ve tried launching a course or a digital product…

Maybe you’ve even successfully created a few results with your course or group program…

Either way, you are not getting the results at the scale you want.

If you want to create results at scale, it comes down to one important truth…

It's not about you. It's about your Customers.

People think that focusing on their craft and their business success is the key to their client’s success, but it’s actually focusing on their client’s success is that drives the growth of the business and your craft.

Deep down you know this is true.

Yes, you still need to build a profitable business.

Yes, you still need to scale and spread your message wide.

Yes, you still want to give yourself more freedom and fun.


You want to make a difference… to actually change your students’ lives.

That is what we are here to realize for you.

Your Guides to Building Your Transformation Engine

Tim Wolf

Erik Sogn

Build Software For Your Students that Sells and

There are 3 key things that will support you in building a new product line that sells and scales.

The Right Product

Without understanding your market and what they want, you could spend all this time and money and build the wrong thing for your audience. We’ll handle getting the market research right and interfacing with your team and audience to validate the product while we build it.

A Flexible Platform

We build all of our technology in a way that is easily updated and modified in the future. And you completely own the content to do with as you will. You won’t have to worry that your platform can’t be updated by other professionals or can’t handle an upgrade or expansion you want to add to it.

Scalable Software

We’ll guide you every step of the way to building your new product and delivery system. When we are done you’ll have a product ready to sell to your existing audience and start earning additional back-end income from your existing and future efforts in your transformation business.

Get Your Custom Software Built For You & Designed Around Your Students

Transformation Journey

This isn’t a coaching program or learning exercise. It’s a done-for-you program focused on building your new product and platform.

First and foremost, we get to know your existing courses and content so that we can strategize how to transform it into a service-based software product.

Then we integrate your courses into a custom-made membership-based platform where users can access the content at their own pace.

But that’s not all. Alongside your learning environment, we create custom-coded tools and plugins specifically for the purpose of enhancing your users’ experiences. We can create anything from quizzes to trackers to generators to automated bots. Anything that will provide your users with everything they need to learn, grow, and transform.